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Old 29-09-2020, 02:58 AM
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Default My ideal balloon video
Not really a story in the traditional sense, but more what I look for in a balloon video and what I would consider to be the ultimate balloon video...

Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed thinking about it/writing it.

The video starts with a really hot girl looking at the camera and smiling. She's holding a balloon, one with a nice wide neck (although I guess any balloon 12" upwards would do). She brings the neck of her balloon up to her mouth and rests it between her lips, playfully nipping the neck slightly with her teeth and smiling mischievously.

Her mouth opens fully as she takes the first of many breaths for her new balloon. Her lips close around the mouthpiece, plunging the balloon into darkness as her teeth firmly grip the latex preventing any escape.

Her first breath into her balloon causes the balloon to suddenly snap to attention with a sudden squeak of surprise before giving way and inflating. She pauses to remove the barely inflated balloon from her mouth to admire her handiwork and moisten her lips before wrapping her soft, wet lips around the neck once again to resume blowing. She begins to build up a rhythm forcing breath after breath into the balloon with her powerful lungs as the camera zooms in for a close shot of her lips around the neck. At this point she changes her technique and begins opening her mouth between each breath, pinching the neck closed each time. This reveals the balloon neck lying limp and helpless on top of her bottom lip, now glistening and wet with her saliva and forever marked with a ring of lipstick.

Suddenly, without warning as she opens her mouth to take another breath, her fingers slip slightly from around the neck causing the saliva covered neck in her mouth to vibrate and squeak as the balloon cries out for mercy. Not deterred by this, she closes her mouth around it's neck, silencing the scream and forces another saliva infused breath down the neck.

Around the half way point, she removes the balloon from her mouth and stops to admire her handiwork. Feeling playful she decides to have some fun as she takes her other hand, and forcing the lips of the balloon's neck apart pushes her wet tounge in there causing some of her saliva to run down the neck and drip into the balloon body.

After a few minutes of this she brings the neck back to her lips and continues blowing. As the balloon grows bigger and bigger, it begins to get more and more transparent and we see her saliva trickle down from the neck inside it as she asserts her dominance over it, showing it once and for all who is in charge.

Suddenly, she stops, digging her teeth into the the neck and stretching it out causing it to inflate. The inflation is then resumed as the balloon neck squeaks and cries out between breaths warning her of it's growing tightness and pain.

The balloon gives one final whimper, as she grasps the neck of the balloon tightly and ties it in a knot to prevent any air escaping, before reaching into her bag of balloons for her next victim.
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Old 05-10-2020, 05:24 PM
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Default Re: My ideal balloon video
I like your story. I like non-popping videos.

Maybe this is a nice follow up.

She placed the balloon on a chair. The balloon deformed and the neck grew even bigger.
The tension of the balloon is enormous. It can pop any second.
She took another balloon to inflate.
She slightly moved a bit to take another balloon from the bag. The balloon moved a bit too. Would it carry her? It's so thight, but so beautiful.
She started inflating the balloon slowly.
While she inflated the balloon she starts to turn her hips slightly.
Slowly the balloon follows her movement. The balloon is so tight now and the neck is so amazingly large. She loved to see the balloon like this and feel the tension of it.
She inflated the balloon, larger and larger.
While she did, she more and more give herself to the balloon she was sitting on. The tension of balloon was enormous and neck moves slightly in a kind of circles, up and down.
She placed her right hand carefully on the neck of the balloon.
She slowly put her hand around the neck, her long, sharp looking, nails touched the neck while she was still turning her hips.
She started playing with the neck. Pushing it down slowly while moving her hips. She started squeezing the balloon, carefully, her nails were scratching the balloon.
The neck looks so tight and beautiful. Would she spare the balloon?
She started moving a bit back and forth on the balloon. She intensivated it a little. A bit more powerfull.
The balloon was so tight and the neck was so large, it's amazing the balloon is still alive while she is treating the neck with her hand and her sharp nails.
She started to inflate the neck of the balloon. Larger and larger.
It looks it can pop any second, but she bring it to her mouth and inflated it bigger. The tension increased and increased by every breath.
Than she took her hand off the balloon and tight off the overinflated balloon.

I'm sorry about my English. It's not my first language.
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Old 13-02-2021, 03:45 AM
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Default Re: My ideal balloon video
That was very good, thank you for sharing. Your English is great.
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Old 13-02-2021, 03:00 PM
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Default Re: My ideal balloon video
I like your description. Perhaps a close approximation of your video has been made. Search for Loonselevator Sophie. You will know you have the right video when you see a beautiful woman inflating a yellow balloon. In this video Sophie teases the mouthpiece of the balloon, licking and biting it. She forcefully inflates her victim towards what the balloon knows is it’s final fate. The balloon in this video will not escape exploding into tiny fragments and strands of latex, but I imagine it was OK with that.

As someone who imagines what it would be like being a balloon at the hands of a beautiful woman, I consider the balloon in this video to be quite lucky.
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