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Talking Christopher's beach surprise
My first inflatable fetish story here.

Christopher's beach surprise
One morning Christopher was heading to the beach. It was the first time he had been in a while. The sea was calm. “Perfect day to have a swim.”, Christopher thought. Suddenly he saw a young woman in a bikini, wearing a pair of Aqua swim school armbands, and holding an uninflated crocodile pool float. Deciding not to waste a perfect opportunity for some fun, Christopher made his way over to the young woman.
"Hi babe." "Love those armbands of yours." "Can I see that crocodile of yours?" The young woman was surprised by Christopher's presence, as she wasn’t expecting anyone to come up to her. She steps backwards, picks up the crocodile and hands it to him. "Here you are" she says in a confused yet inquisitive manner.

She then noticed Christopher’s cock getting bigger. She feels nervous, and doesn't question it yet, as she didn’t want to provoke him, and feels a little bit awkward for noticing. She awaits a response from Christopher.
Christopher asks her if she doesn't mind having help to inflate it. She says, “Sure thing.” The young woman asks which part Christopher wishes to inflate. "Can I inflate the lower half?", Christopher asks. The young woman explains that the middle section is separate to the outer section, and then asks again which part Christopher wanted to inflate. Christopher tells her he wished to inflate the middle section. She agreed and scoots beside him as they both sit down on the warm sand, and begin to inflate the crocodile.

Christopher then momentarily catches her looking at his erection but says nothing. The young woman blushes and looks away as she continues to blow for a while, until the crocodile is relatively tight.
She pushes the valve in and stares at Christopher. Once again she notices Christopher’s large erection, and makes the connection that blowing the toy up turned him on. She assumes it was her own half naked body pressing up against the toy that has helped make the erection stronger, and doesn't immediately think Christopher has a fetish, same as her.

The young woman thanks Christopher for helping her with it, and expects him to be on your way. Christopher then tells her that she is beautiful, and her armbands give him an intense feeling. She's taken aback by the compliment. Sure its not the first time she's received them, as she'd visit a local bar often, and would receive many compliments from drunk and horny teenagers, but there was something different about this one. The young woman thinks.

Obviously Christopher wasn't drunk, but she was curious as to what his intentions were. She thanks him for the compliment, and proceeds to walk to the ocean to play with her crocodile, but she has the urge to ask him to join her. She turns around and looks at him as she asks, "Ummm... so...” “Wanna join me in the water?” “You don't have to of course.” “I was just wondering.” Smiling at her he says, “Of course, sweetheart."
The beach was relatively empty as it was a work day, so most people were busy. She has the crocodile tucked under one arm, and grabs Christopher by the hand. She walks towards the ocean, almost dragging him along. She’s happy and Christopher can tell. “There’s something more to this girl.”, Christopher thinks to himself.

The waves are calm and the sea is clear as the young woman places the crocodile lightly onto the water, and hops onto its back with a splash. luckily she doesn't tip over, nor does she slide off.
After steadying herself enough, she starts to splash around a move a little, forgetting Christopher was even there until she catches a glimpse of him, watching her intently. "Oh, sorry.” “I forgot you were here.”, she says with some slight embarrassment. “Come in, the waters warm.”
Christopher slowly walk into the water until he is about waist deep with her. She nudges him with the nose of her crocodile and laughs. "She's surprisingly playful.", Christopher thinks to himself. The crocodile seems large enough for two people, it was a two-seater after all.
Nervously Christopher ask if he can join her on its back, to which she agrees. Climbing onto the squeaky toy and steadying himself, Christopher wraps his arms around her waist for support. She let's out a small unexpected moan, which surprises him.

Christopher then ask her how far she is going into the water. "Not far." she replies, “Just enough to where our feet don’t touch the sand.” Gently she paddles her way further into the ocean, but not far enough for either party to worry as they're both capable swimmers and could easily swim back if needed.

Christopher could see the girl start to move her hand, but thinks nothing of it at first as he was too busy enjoying the ride. The young woman doesn't stop moving it, as Christopher gets curious, as to what she’s doing and takes a peak over her shoulder.

To Christopher’s surprise she was rubbing her vagina through her panties. He lets out a surprised gasp, which shocks the girl, as both of them lose balance and fall off the crocodile. The young woman flails her arms, trying to grab onto anything that could stop her fall but to no avail.
She stands up in the shallow water, her face bright red with embarrassment. “Umm...” “You weren't supposed to...” “I can explain.”, she mumbles under her breathe.

Christopher places a hand on her shoulder, and explains that he also felt the same way. In fact he was horny right now as well. She looks him in the eyes, with child-like joy, as she remembers the erection she spotted earlier, and is relieved to hear he shared the same fetish.
“Oh, thank god.”, she laughs. “I'm sorry about that though.” “I suppose I forgot you were there again.” “I was just so excited.” “Wanna get back on our crocodile friend?" She asks. Christopher agrees as he says, "Of course babe."

Christopher then brings her hand up to his erection. "Oh-ho." she says with excitement as she moves the crocodile back to the shallow water, and the two friends both hop onto its back once more.
After regaining balance on the toy, she paddles out to deeper water. Once they were both comfortable with their current position, she turns around towards Christopher, and asks, “Do you want to see me masturbate?” "Of course!" Christopher exclaims. The young woman lowers her panties to reveal her vagina once more, before beginning to rub it with her fingers. She then notices one of her nails is missing.
“Oh, I must've lost it in the water when we fell off.” “Should be nothing to worry about though.” However, there was something to worry about as a faint hiss was heard by the two of them. "Wait, what's that noise?" Christopher asks. "Oh no, its air escaping.” “Our crocodile must've gotten a puncture!", She says.

Both friends search the body of the toy, until the young woman finds her missing nail, protruding from the tight vinyl skin of the crocodile. "Well, the good news is, I found my nail.” “The bad news is I found the hole as well.” “I must've accidentally punctured it when we fell off and I guess our combined weight has caused the hole to become larger too." she says sadly.

She plucks the nail from the crocodile with a squeak, and the hiss becomes louder and more aggressive. "Hissssssss.", she says, imitating the noise. "What are we gonna do about your crocodile?”, Christopher asks nervously. “We have to go back to the beach and fix..." The young woman cuts him off saying, "No need to worry" "I've brought patches with me to the beach, so we should have enough time to have a little fun, before we sink completely."

The woman takes off one of her armbands and gives it to Christopher as she points to her vagina and immediately he knew what to do. Christopher began to rub her pussy with the armband while she takes off the other. She takes down Christopher’s swim shorts and pulls out his penis. She places the armband over his cock. It’s lubed with sea water and the precum that's already coating Christopher’s hard member. Both friends rub each others genitals, with the intentions of making each other cum.

As the crocodile hisses its air out, the two friends slide closer together on the sinking beast. About a minute or so passes, and not a word is spoken, the crocodile has almost fully deflated, but the still tight middle chamber keeps both afloat for now.

Suddenly the young woman squeals in excitement. At the same time she squeezes the armband, still housing Christopher’s hard cock. Instantly this causes him to cum. Christopher sprays her body with hot cum, as well as the hissing crocodile and water around them.
The two friends sit there for a while, unbothered by the state of the float, enjoying the intense orgasm they both just had. Without warning the young woman leaps upright again and jams her fingers into the crocodile, leaving two relatively large holes. Christopher almost immediately sinks into the water. "Woopsies, guess I have three holes to repair now.", she giggles, “But you've gotta help, y'know."

Christopher was still dazed after his orgasm, but soon regained his strength. The young woman washes the cum off into the water, and picks up the now floppy crocodile. "Uhh...” “Why'd you have to puncture the float for?", Christopher asks, “Well, its one way to get the air out, isn't it?" the young woman replies, almost playfully.

She grabs Christopher’s hand and takes him back to the beach, where she sets down the soaking wet crocodile. She rolls it up and places it in her bag. Christopher stands to the side, watching her do it.
He is still speechless after the orgasm, and doesn’t really know what to do. Looking up to the sea, and watching the waves, Christopher notes there was a breeze picking up now, and the water became more wild.
The young woman stands up, and to his surprise, she hands him a small piece of paper. "Come round some time, and we'll fix our crocodile.”, she says flirtatiously. "I...” “I will.”, Christopher says.
“Thanks for this by the way" he stutters. "No problem, I enjoyed it too.”, the young woman says. “Call me." She calls back as she picks up her bag, waves goodbye and walks off from the beach.

Christopher looks down at his hands, the note is slightly damp and the young woman’s phone number is written on it, as well as her name. "Emily" it states, with a small heart drawn underneath.

Later that evening Christopher is looking at the number left to him by Emily. Christopher wants to see her again but felt rather nervous about phoning her. Christopher then decides, "What the heck, I'll phone and see if she answers." “Hello.”, says a familiar voice as the phone connects. “Hi Emily, it’s me, Christopher.” Emily smiles as she knew she would be able to have many more intimate and fun adventures with her new playmate.

The End
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