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Default Pinned part 3 big challenges.
It's been awhile since I've played with the 72's but since then i met Sarah,small framed but busty for her size and lovely walnut hair.
I've told her about my fetish after the third date though thought i was joking at first but after that she was interested in indulging my kinks but with two conditions.
1. She ties me to the bed.
2. I wear whatever costume she brings for me.
But I'm allowed to bring as many balloons as i wanted.
After agreeing to do this at her place that weekend i went home and counted down the days like a kid waiting for Christmas.
The day finally came and packed somethings for the trip it takes about several hours to get to her place so it would be a sleep over and hopefully in her bed.
Whilst packing i kicked the box the 72's came in still inside sorting through them i looked for a colour that i liked i settled on a plain white one and headed to Sarah's.
When i got there we had dinner a few drinks she asked me what balloons i brought i showed her the giant balloon then she told me to go to the bathroom get
undressed put on the clothes waiting for you and and don't enter her room until she tells me to.
So i go to the bathroom and hanging there on the towel rack is a lycra superhero costume the cape,gloves,belt and a crotch zipper.
This is getting interesting i thought to myself as i slipped into the costume barely able to contain my excitement then i hear her voice.
I'm ready for you,she calls from the bedroom i stride to her room cape flapping proudly behind me bulge clearly visible.
As i enter she blindfolds me and ushers me to the bed and ties my limbs to the corners of the bed i can feel something being pushed and pulled up my leg ending up at my lower torso.
She removes the blindfold revealing quite a sight.
She's in a one piece bodysuit with the zipper going from her neck to her crotch you can see a bit of her bush.
She towers over the helpless hero,So you just come into my sanctum without me knowing?
For such a big hero you're quite small and I'll be very happy to fix that.
Seeing her hand move out of view i hear a valve open and air hiss up to the balloon now stuffed into the costume that's now inflating.
I hear a little giggle come from Sarah as she watches me inflate bigger and bigger the belt on the costume tightens giving me a hourglass shape feeling the latex stretch over my body my bulge has grown to as big as the costume allows it to Sarah noticed this.
Oooh looks like the sidekick has shown up and is ready to play,Sarah said as she mounts me unzips my penis leting it free from it's lycra confines and slips a condom on it.
She slowly lowers herself onto the raging erection as i moan with delight,the balloon still expanding and stretching as the pressure builds.
Sarah presses against the inflating balloon digging her fingers into it hearing it squeak feeling squeeze against the belt,suit and both body's and still growing.
Sarah puts her hand on the valve while panting and says,you know why i like heroes like you? Because they're up for big challenges.
I hear the valve open up even more as the hissing gets louder.
The balloon surges outwards as the belt snaps off getting a laugh out of both of us.
Sarah dissappears from view as the balloon continues it crusade to expand and tear out to freedom as Sarah rides me harder and harder as it inflates bigger and bigger as we cum.
But Sarah isn't finished with me yet she looks at me and says, That was fun you've gotten quite big but i think you got a bit more room in you yet let's see how big you can get before you burst.
As she finishes her sentence she opens the valve completely the balloon surges once more as it fills the suit out my arms,legs even popping out my crotch zipper as i struggle against my restraints moaning for more feeling as if I'm going to cum as second time.
Boom!! The balloon finally couldn't take it anymore as it explodes spraying the insides of the suit with latex shreds.
Sarah turns off the valve and unlocks my restraints and cuddles up to me and asks,
Did you enjoy that balloonboy? I smile wrapping both of us up in the cape and kiss.

Authors note: i haven't done a story in a while so i hope you like it if there's anything wrong please tell me so i can correct it thank you for reading.
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Default Re: Pinned part 3 big challenges.
It's got bondage.
It's got balloons
What's not to like!!

Two thumbs up!
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