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Default After School
First posted July 14th, 2020 on DeviantArt.

One week ago.

“Today, we’re going to be doing a prac.” My science teacher, Mr. Malloy slurs, staring at the class from his desk.

Even despite the bored tone, we all collectively brighten up. However, I quickly deflate when I notice exactly what he places on the table – a helium tank and a few packs of party balloons.

I must admit, I have globophobia – the fear of balloons – to the point where I can’t couldn’t even attend parties back in primary school. Seeing those toys on his desk only means one thing, that we’ll be performing hands on experiments on them. There is plenty of time for one of the troublemakers to pop a balloon for a laugh, or for a genuine mistake to happen in a double period, so plenty of time for my fear to take hold and be discovered.

A tap on my shoulder breaks me out of my thoughts – my friend from childhood, Chelsea. She innocently cocks her head, mumbling “Partners?”. I nod, zoning out from the teacher’s explanation. I think about my classmate for the moment – my best friend for over a decade now, we’d always been in the same classes. I notice her leave her seat to grab the supplies, so I quickly move our stuff to one of the benches on the side wall. Chelsea, who has always been one of the cutest girls I’ve seen, with her wavy, mid-back length black hair, inquisitive blue eyes and a face filled with freckles, is what I’d consider to be an ‘angel’. Seeing her return with a bouquet of balloons of all colours, bobbing aimlessly behind her is a conflicting feeling – a twinge in my heart.

For one, obviously, I’m somewhat fearful – just because she is holding them doesn’t make them any less likely to pop, yet, subconsciously I feel aroused. I already know I like the innocent aura she gives off, but it isn’t that. There isn’t any point in wondering about that now, I decide, after all, I have to steel my mind for the nightmare at the end of the period.

Luckily, most of the class, we get through with no issue. Of course, some 20 minutes until the class ends, the teacher announces; “It’s time to pack up, class. I’m going to get an early lunch, so don’t tear up the classroom.”

And there goes hell, breaking loose throughout the classroom. It only takes a joker a few seconds to emerge from his pencil case with a pair of scissors, and a few more seconds after that to reduce a bouquet of about 15 balloons to scrap. With each pop, I jump further up, my heart rate quickly increasing.

Chelsea seems to notice this, judging by the evil glint in her eye. She pulls down the largest balloon, a bright cherry red one, and holds it right near my face. I can feel the tears developing, but the girl pays no mind, placing three of her fingers atop it, then runs them along the surface, purposely digging one nail in ensure it is as uncomfortable as possible. Seeing me almost crying gets her to drop the balloon in shock.

“Hey… I didn’t realise you’d be so scared. I’m not going to pop any of them, I promise. Meet me at the usual spot, and I’ll apologise properly, ‘mkay?” She says, quickly getting up and offering me a hand, which I choose not to take in favour of trying to catch my breathe. Chelsea clasps the handful of balloons, quickly leaving the classroom. I decide to leave soon after, grabbing my pencil case and textbook and heading to the locker bay. Once my supplies are in, I briskly walk to our usual hangout spot, a small bench under a handful of eucalyptus trees near the border of school property.

An eternity passes until she returns, holding a paper bag. She quickly sits down next to me and gingerly lifts out a burger from the local fast food restaurant.

“Sorry if I kept you waiting. I had to take some stuff home, you know?” She says, demurely staring down at the ground. A sigh is released from her mouth, before she continues. “And, I’m really sorry about earlier. I… don’t really have any good reason as to why I did it. Well, there is something I need to admit, but I can’t do it here. Are you going to be home alone anytime soon?”

I gulp, and eventually nod. “On Tuesday. Is everything all right?”

All I get is a sort of sad smile, and a nod, before we eat in silence.


School is a blur today, as I can’t help but stress over my friend’s secret. We board the school bus, and sit next to each other like we usually do, making casual small talk. She reminds me that shes coming over, and I nod.

Soon, we arrive in my room. I chuck on the TV for some ambiance, and wait for Chelsea to be ready to talk.

“You see, the reason why I did that to you was because I was wishing you had a…” She trails off for a second, fidgeting. “A balloon fetish. I know… it sounds ridiculous. But the way you watched me, and the way you were frightened by them… it’s how I was before I realised that I liked balloons. I thought you just hadn’t realised. I-if… if it’s okay, I do want to see your reaction.”

I take in this information, awkwardly looking back to the ground. “…no popping…” I mumble, looking up at the blue eyed girl. She smiles, nodding quickly.

“I’ll be back in a sec. I’ll bring some that I know are sturdy enough to test, okay?” Her soothing voice is an oddly satisfying countenance, and by the time she returns, I’m already slightly aroused.

Chelsea returns with a change of clothes, swapping our school uniform for a simple white tank top and leggings, just thin enough to show a bit of skin at the knees. She places a bag on the bed between us, pulling it open and taking out a single yellow balloon. She quickly stretches it, places it in her mouth and begins to blow. I watch in a sort of rapt attention as it clears the mark where a usual party balloon would get to, and it still looks quite empty.

“How big are you going to make that?” I say, eyeing the toy suspiciously. By now, Chelsea is starting to get aroused, judging by the way she is beginning to twitch.

“They can get to 24 inches. I’m not going that far, though. Just a breath more.” She says around the balloon, blowing another breath into it then tying a knot in it. She places it behind her, on the bed. “Go ahead and sit on it.”

“S-sit on it? Won’t it pop?” I say, glancing at the yellow balloon as if it were a bomb, seconds from going off.

“It’s so underinflated you’d struggle to pop it.” She deadpans, already taking another balloon into her mouth. Once it grows to a decent enough size, she pulls out her wallet, and slides a $20 note onto the bedside table. “Sit on it. If it does pop, you can keep that, okay?”

I agree, but decide to quickly change into more comfortable clothes. After I change into a tracksuit, I gingerly mount the yellow balloon, holding my breath until it begins to hold my weight. The balloon creaks softly, and I feel the deathly pressure swell under me.

“It suits you!” She giggles, now tying off her own balloon. Expertly, she places it on the bed and rides it, quickly starting to sway on it. I watch her play with her balloon, thinking about whether to emulate her behaviour or not. “How’s it feel? Try rocking on it, if you don’t like that, you won’t like anything else.”

Following her instructions, I slowly start to hump the toy, accidentally letting out a moan of pleasure. Chelsea smiles at me, leaning in. She whispers in my ear, “I knew you liked it, hows’about we up the ante?”. I stare, wide eyed as she holds my hand, then guides it to her womanhood. Likewise, she places a hand on my now erect member, rubbing it with her soft hand. We ride and stroke each other, moaning in ecstasy.

I end up cumming first, doubling over onto Chelsea’s shoulder. She giggles, patting my head before motioning for me to stand up. I comply, and without time to react or protest, she swipes my pants off, letting them fall to the floor. Soon enough, she moves her balloon to right next to mine, and places her mouth around my manhood, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear as she looks up at me. Almost immediately, I’m back on the verge of cumming as she blows me. The two balloons squeak and groan as they’re rubbed together, the necks just barely poking out.

As I cum again, I hear a loud bang – the balloon under me pops into a handful of pieces. I feel calm, surprisingly, as if I’ve completely forgotten about the way a balloon popping would nearly make me cry. Chelsea immediately appears apologetic, but I reassure that it’s okay. We’re both tired, so I put my clothes back on while Chelsea cleans off the surviving balloon. Once she returns, we slide under the covers, hugging the balloon between us. Noticing that Chelsea still seems quite horny, I stick a hand down, finishing what I started, and rubbing her womanhood. We look at each other tenderly, never wanting this to end. I lean over and kiss her, and she falls asleep in my arms.

Looking over my friend, I feel a sense of absolute calm – her breathing cutely pushes up her bangs and the innocent smile never leaves her face.

I have no clue what’ll happen in life – but I do know one thing.

We’ll be there to do it together.
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Default Re: After School
Wauw ������
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