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Default Party Store Girlfriend (a few months later)
PARTY STORE GIRLFRIEND (a few months later)

My girlfriend Jen and I had been dating for months. We both shared a love of bondage, great oral, post orgasm torture and blowing up balloons. Lately I’d been really interested in Jen taking control of our relationship, not forever, but for awhile. I work a high stress job in a position of authority, and totally enjoy giving up control when I’m not at work. We were watching TV one night when I broached the subject with Jen. She asked me how long did I want her to run the show. I told her, however long she wanted/felt comfortable. During that time, she, and she alone, would decide when, and if, I would get to have orgasms, etc. One thing I’ve learned about Jen is that she’s down for anything. She said, OK, and told me she would put together a plan. Then she looked at me, and said, “But right now, I want your cock inside me.” I said, “yes, Ma’am” and we retired to the bedroom.

A few weeks went by, and I almost thought Jen had forgotten about our conversation. It was a snowy, winter afternoon. Jen had put her hair back in a ponytail, and sat next to me on the couch. She started kissing my ear, and told me she was hungry for some of my cum. Her hair up is usually a sign she wants to please me, and this time was no exception. We headed to the bedroom, where I found a bag on the bed, and spread to the four corners of the bed was a new restraint system we had talked about. Jen opened the bag, and told me to cuff up, meaning put a restraint on each wrist and ankle. I did as I was told, making sure each restraint was nice and tight. (Neither of us likes loose bondage.) I assumed the spread eagled position, and Jen began locking the restraints to the tethers attached to each corner of the bed. As she reached over the bed to reach my right wrist, her large left, bra covered breast smothered my mouth. I MMMMMed, and tried to flick her nipple with my mouth.

After she had secured my limbs, I was disappointed that I could still move my wrists and ankles way too much. Jen said “now watch this.” She pushed a button on her phone, and one by one, the tethers on the bed tightened, pulling my limbs into a more restrictive spread eagle. She then hit some more buttons on her phone, and the restraints double locked. She explained, that once the restraints were double locked, they were reportedly completely inescapable. The restraints would require a key AND an entry into her phone to unlock them. I struggled, and when I did, it almost seemed like the tether pulled against me. Jen smiled at me and said, “yes, they have an anti-struggling feature too to defeat any would be escape artists.” I smiled back and told her that these restraints were too cool.

Jen removed her bra, and sat on my hips. She said, “As I remember, you enjoy blowjobs, almost too much.” She continued, “And as I recall, the head of your cock gets maddeningly sensitive after you cum.” It was at that point that I knew what I was in for. Jen then reached into the bag behind her and pulled out a prostate vibrator and some lube. She smiled at me, and said, “ I think we both know where this goes.” Jen had played with my prostate before, and it was a HUGE multiplier when she was giving me a BJ or a HJ. She started massaging my balls, before lifting them up, and lubing up my ass. She inserted the vibe until it was positioned against my P-spot. She turned it on to give me a preview. My already throbbing cock bobbed back and forth in response. Jen reached into the bag again, and pulled out a box which contained “The Vise,” a chastity belt which she had measured me more months ago, but I had forgotten all about. She held it in front of my face, and said, “This is for after I’m done.” I looked back at Jen and said, “I assume today is the day you are taking control?” She smiled a huge smile, and said, “Yup, and there’s not thing one you can do about it.” I sighed with mixed emotions.

Jen said, ”Now, I need some help with todays’ activities, so I invited my friend Paula over, and she’s going to help us.” We’ve never been into threesomes, or moresomes, so this was a big surprise. I’d never met Paula, but heard from Jen she was very open minded, and loved situations like this. Jen came over to me, and blindfolded me. Once she did, she called for Paula to come in from the living room (She had let herself in at 2 pm. Jen had this all planned out.) Paula said hello, and I responded, suddenly conscious that I was meeting her for the first time while naked, blindfolded and helpless. Jen told me that Paula would be in charge of nipples and balloons. Jen let that sink in with me for a minute or so. Totally confused, I just lay there assuming an explanation would be forthcoming. Jen handed Paula two bags of balloons, some 12” and some 16”. Jen then explained, that as much as she loved making me cum with her mouth, Paula was into men’s nipples, and would be playing with mine. Jen said,” Now he likes almost anything being done to his, light touch, biting, pinching, pulling, etc. Oh, and ice cubes on his nips drive him totally bonkers.” I responded, “And the balloons?”

Jen and Paula began laughing hysterically. Jen said Paula will be placing balloon stems in your mouth the entire time I am pleasing you. You must blow up each balloon until it pops. I asked what kind of balloons are they. Jen said Q12s and Q16s. I protested, “Those are hard enough to do B2Ps even if I had use of my hands. Jen bent over to my ear, and whispered, “My game, my rules.” Paula and Jen began their evil laughing again. Jen said, “Oh, and the number of balloons you pop will determine how many orgasms you will be permitted to have after today, for the rest of the year. “ Again I protested, “But it’s still January.” With that, Paula placed the first 12” balloon in my mouth, and started making circles on my nipples. Jen started with her tongue at the base of my cock, and slowly moved towards the head………………….

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Default Re: Party Store Girlfriend (a few months later)
Great story, thanks ��
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Default Re: Party Store Girlfriend (a few months later)
Very Nice !
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