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Post A Blowing Overdose
An unexpected sequel!
I wrote way more than I thought I would.

Deviantart link : A Blowing Overdose

Part I : The cure to Globophobia ( or The cure to Globophobia (Deviantart)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Since Mandy’s first blow to pop extravaganza, no balloon was safe. Every single one of them turned into a mixture of moans and squeaks. Almost everyone thought they were going to live a long happy life, to finally rot and die in peace. After all, they were lucky enough to land in the hands of Mandy, the loving, shy and caring blonde, in contrast to Cindy, who most probably introduced her sneakers to the entire packet.

Blue was the first to leave in pieces, the news shook the nylon bag and everyone in it as they realized their lives will be cut short, and cut to pieces like their comrade. Not a single balloon expected Mandy to turn into the monster that she is now. They tried blaming Blue, but to be fair, it had already received capital punishment. Red and Yellow followed a week later. Mandy had tried to make a double blow to pop, both balloons in her mouth. They both left in a latex thunder that whipped the savage girl hard, making her shriek in pain.

White’s death was the most interesting, it fought long and hard, and tried to keep itself from exploding all over the place. At the time of white’s demise, Mandy had returned from her graduation ceremony and brought with her two new guests, White JR and Purple.

She must have been extremely horny, because she slobbered all over White’s body, giving it wet kisses, marking them with her cute red lipstick. The barbarian girl climaxed multiple times, successfully squirting all over White’s body while hugging it and moaning into its mouth. White’s mouth was entirely covered in red lipstick, and had multiple kiss marks all over its body. Green and Black stared morbidly as White screamed its life out. The loud, long, hard and painful squeaks sent Green and Black into a deep depression. White was a trooper, it held strongly even though most of its body was dipped in the girl’s saliva, and covered in a layer of lipstick. It tried and successfully escaped the monster’s grip several times, but Mandy made sure to place White’s mouth back inside her own, straining the latex further and further with each added delicate puff. White’s death was spectacular, the body was so tortured and stressed it detonated suddenly and loudly, shattering into super tiny pieces, some of which landed in the bag and served as a constant reminder to Green and Black about their ultimate demise.

White JR and Purple were mere infants, they were small overinflated 12 inch balloons attached to strings. They were also inflated with helium. Green and Black watched, horrified at the war crime Mandy was about to commit.

“Mere children!” shouted Black.

Mandy untied the strings to the young infants and the indescribable followed. Purple got water boarded between the sadistic girl’s legs while White JR received similar treatment to its bigger predecessor. After many inhumane acts, the remains of the kids got dumped in the bin. Green and Black went insane.

And then, 6 days before prom, on a Saturday afternoon, the time had come. Black was the luckiest, as it didn’t have to endure the torture of having its body stretch to an explosive end. Mandy used Black as a nice chair to sit on while gently and delicately making sure Green was nice and tight, squeaking loud and painfully. Green didn’t last long and detonated mid puff in a sharp crack that made Mandy clench her weak inflatable chair really hard with her thighs, releasing her love juices in a leg shaking orgasm. The tight knot around Black’s mouth made sure it couldn’t protest. It also meant something else, something Black knew very well. A suppressed balloon doesn’t live long. The monstrous girl extended her claws and ripped Black’s wet body apart in an ecstatic and joyful kaboom, before landing on the bed amidst Green shreds and big wet black scraps.

Today was prom day, everything went pretty well. There was no shortage of expensive cars, limousines, dresses, suits and smiles. Most students had their share of extravagant meal and the sky had already darkened. Smiles were replaced with smirks and giggles; most girls switched from their high heels and dresses to sneakers and casual outfits, it was time.


This was the night club the student council had chosen, it featured the best Djs of the country, the best parties, but most importantly, it had laughing gas. They had a large assortment of balloons to choose from, ranging from 16 all the way to 36 inches, and they would fill them up with nitrous oxide (NO2). The student council had received a very generous funding from the school besides the monthly student contributions, so they overpaid for the night and the night club’s manager essentially made the special balloons entirely free and a gogo.

The majestic sight of countless students gripping a multitude of balloons with their lips made Mandy feel a little unwell. Balloons still scared her, and the only remedy just happened to be something looked down upon by society and most probably her fellow ex classmates.

After some time, air filled balloons started to pile on the floor, with a bang following every now and then. Echoey squeaks resonated through the underground enclosed space, and similarly, liquids resonated through Mandy’s vagina as her panties got soaked. She was surrounded with girls, lips and big inflated balloons.

As the night progressed further, balloons became everyone’s focus. They first started batting them around on the dance floor, but soon enough, as more and more drinks got consumed, the popping ensued.

Mandy panicked and felt very vulnerable. Sexy ladies and macho dudes were bursting balloon after balloon all around her. There was no shortage of them thanks to a group of girls happily blowing up countless and countless of balloons, overinflating them and making sure they had the biggest necks. One of these girls rested her high heels on a balloon, which didn’t last long. The big bangs were a bit muffled thanks to the loud music in the background.

Mandy had two drinks, she finished her first one rather quickly, trying to get tipsy as fast as possible to mitigate her fear. It worked out a little too well. A few moments later, she gulped down her second drink, and ordered a third one.

Distant bangs was all Mandy could hear and focus on. The ruptured latex shreds flying everywhere got Mandy hornier by the minute. The music started fading out and the only thing present with the girl was balloons getting stomped on by colorful sneakers, or deadly high heels. Some others were getting blown to bits, while others got eviscerated by merciless feminine long and sharp claws.

Mandy’s brain finally gave in. Her consciousness surrendered all self-control as she grabbed an uninflated clear 16 inch balloon and asked for it to be inflated with laughing gas. Holding the balloon with her red lips, Mandy directly aimed for the women’s bathroom. She barged through one of the cubicles feeling her head spinning. The overinflated clear latex tried telling Mandy about its sheer size, but Mandy was nowhere to be found.

Her salivating mouth was grasping the balloon and forcefully squeaked the balloon through the door. She sat on the toilet seat and sucked a nice amount of NO2, gazing at the perplexing dimmed purple lights. Mandy completely forfeited her self-awareness. Her consciousness long gone, her right hand caressed her crotch. Mandy was almost hyperventilating and decided to just inhale the entirety of the gas remaining in the balloon.

Her fingers swam deep inside an ocean of good feels. Whatever Mandy was thinking, whatever Mandy was going through, the recalling of these moments seemed to be as abstract, as weird…. as high.. as….


Mandy gave the now limp balloon a wet, slow, long blow, puffing her cheeks. Ogling the hazy lights, Mandy was no more.

Saliva dripping from her mouth to her shirt…

Lipstick all over the neck…

Eyes deeply closed..

Lips almost numb, barely able to grip the inflating neck…

Mandy fell in a deep trance, her heart beating and booming in rhythm with the walls of the bathroom…

A smile, a big smile, and then a giggle followed. Mandy had reached the no go state. Her eyes teared and cried as she continued to blow into the now illegally large balloon. It had pushed the door wide open, and was an imminent threat to any poor female wandering into the wild and dangerous place known as nightclub bathrooms.

Mandy’s panting turned into full-fledged moans and screams of extasy as her fingers completed their task. Her jeans and top of her shirt soaking wet, love juice dribbling down the toilet seat, a gigantic saliva patch on her chest, lipstick on her nose, chin and balloon, Mandy was touring Eldorado.

Her fast fingering soon turned to fisting, then to literally beating the shit out of her vagina as she arched her back, her eyes and face shaking.

Mandy uncontrollably started to squirt all over the place and all over herself, emptying now shrieks into her lover.


The bathroom shook, the cubicle’s door slammed shut, pushing the corpse’s hair back violently. The casualty trembled and bit hard on the dead balloon in her mouth. Her eyes deeply closed, her face shaking, the tragedy let it all go. She sat barely awake in a pool of shame. Her entire outfit was soaked and sticky. The poor dehydrated girl’s saliva served as glue because balloon limbs and body parts were all around her, stuck to the door, to the wall, on her hair, on her everywhere.

Mandy orbited Sagittarius A for quite a while.

Timeless moments later, Mandy started to come back. A distorted perception of time didn’t help neither Mandy now nor these recollections of past events.

She pulled up her jeans and looked at herself in the mirror. The patches were wet and cold and uncomfortable, but fortunately, almost invisible due to the dark lights. Several shreds laid on her hair and she was still holding her previous lover’s mouth inside her own. She let it fall to the floor with a small opening of her mouth and fumbled with her hair a little, letting small clear latex evidence to the ground.

She left the bathroom and the music was back at high volume again. Most other students seemed to be in a place of their own too.

Every now and then, a latex plea for help could be heard, followed by a very loud execution.

The blonde found her drink and gulped it down quickly, not really thinking anything through.

She used what was left of her brain to search for a quiet place and spotted the back exit, which was far away from everyone and away from the loud speakers.

Mandy walked slowly, feeling the earth rotating around her. Or was it dizziness?

She walked on several balloon shreds and mouthpieces. Most tables around her had glasses of alcohol, most of which were vodka. Some glasses had lipstick on them, some didn’t, but what really caught Mandy’s attention, was the giant piles of used balloons on each and every table. Similarly, some balloons had lipstick around their mouths, some didn’t.

Mandy was now near the popular girls’ table and there were two big piles of used balloons.

These balloons were “blowjobed”, Mandy thought to herself. Was that even a word? Did that even make any sense? Probably not, but most of these balloons had very distinct and apparent lipstick marks around their necks. Blue, cyan, red, pink, purple, black, you could find an entire Chanel collection on these necks.

Mandy was no lesbian, but the thought of these balloons once being inside the “popular” girls’ mouths made her horny again. She crab-walked towards the table, accidently kicking three balloons hiding under it, and grabbed as much of these balloons as she could, putting them in her pocket.

Looking around, she was glad she missed the balloon carnage, lots and lots of balloon shreds laid everywhere and Mandy wasn’t ready for a massacre of this size.

Daniella, the cute beautiful Russian girl placed a hand on Mandy’s shoulder for balance as she lifted her sneaker and placed it on the necked, overinflated balloon. She pressed down slowly and the balloon gave way with a very loud bang which made Daniella smile eagerly, looking around for another balloon. Daniella had an almost uninflated balloon between her lips which still had some NO2 in it.

Sarah, the beautiful brunette who stayed in her sexy dress approached the two girls and giggled as she placed one of her high heels on the second balloon. She lowered the pointy sharp heel on the poor creature, and laughed as she successfully murdered another cute and happy balloon, sending a cry of latex through the club. Sarah shouted at Daniella’s ear, trying to communicate. Daniella inhaled what was left from her balloon and removed it out of her mouth. She was the one with the blue lipstick. She handed Mandy her balloon, and pointed at the table, before leaving with Sarah. Mandy took the balloon with her fingers and felt Daniella’s saliva around the mouthpiece. Her fingers now blue, Mandy placed the balloon inside her mouth, tasting the delicious valve. Lipstick mixed with Daniella’s saliva; Mandy rushed to the back exit for some quiet time alone.

Mandy pushed the heavy door with her shoulders and found herself at the back of the club. There was a small alleyway to her right that was secluded and seemed like the perfect hiding spot. She walked quietly and found a nice corner behind boxes, the perfect place.

As Mandy turned the corner, she went face to face with mark, his cheeks a vibrant hue of red, but the most interesting thing was, his pants were down. Mark was obviously in his own dimension, judging by the half-inflated balloon he was holding with his right hand.

Mandy took a step closer, and then a step to her right as she spotted Cindy, with Mark’s cock between her lips. Mandy knelt right next to Cindy and spotted 2 deflated balloons with purple lipstick around their mouths, and an empty bottle of Smirnoff; a clear indication of Cindy’s mental state. The cute blonde held the throbbing muscle using two of her fingers, and pushed it slowly away from Cindy’s mouth. Bridges of saliva formed as the cock was now naked in the cold night. Mark shuddered as a breeze of chill wind sent alarming neural sensations through his naked, wet and hot member. Cindy stared deeply into Mandy’s eyes, confused. Mandy, still holding Mark’s member, kissed Cindy passionately.

Cindy tasted weird, a mixture of Mark’s precum and her saliva, but Mandy enjoyed it nonetheless. Mark was now a zombie, staring at the girls as they ate each other’s mouths out.

Mandy took out a balloon from her pocket and placed it between Cindy’s wet lips. It was Daniella’s balloon. Cindy unconsciously started to blow up the balloon messily. It had red, blue and now purple lipstick all over it. Mandy was now face to face with male genitalia. She had never done this before, but needless to say, in her current state, Mandy just went with her animalistic instincts. She slowly and fearfully opened her mouth just enough to greet the cock with her lips and tongue. The muscle almost went in frictionless as Mandy’s eyes widened suddenly. The tip was resting on her tongue producing precum at an alarming rate. Mandy tasted the cock and the precum and moaned deeply, her right hand reaching for her second set of lips. She played and toyed with her cock using her tongue and lips and fingered herself harder. Cindy’s balloon was now at rated size, she stopped inflating it and snatched the cock away from Mandy, taking it in her own greedy mouth.

Precum and both girls’ saliva made the cock extremely slippery and wet, but most importantly, it made it tastier. Cindy made sure to get as much of this sweet wetness as possible using her lips and tongue. Mandy grabbed the balloon and continued inflating it, going past its rated size.

Both girls moaned in unison as they each fellated their respective lovers. Almost on the verge of orgasm, Mandy removed the now dangerously over inflated balloon from her mouth and grabbed the delicious looking cock, putting it in her own. Cindy quickly plugged her salivating mouth with the balloon and gave it powerful blows.

Four, was the number of loud orgasms that echoed through the alleyway. Four, was the number of violent and ecstatic reliefs. The balloon detonated loudly in an ear-piercing bang which left the two poor girls almost deaf for a solid second.

Gnawing at the shredded multicolored mouthpiece, Cindy’s legs trembled as an explosive orgasm razed her entire body.

Both Mark and little Mark aimed at the stars, his mind and dick almost collapsing under the tremendous buildup.

Mandy was tapping on her vagina repeatedly while releasing a sea of juices all over the concrete floor. Her knees shook wildly as she fought the urge to bite Mark’s dick off. Her mouth watered a little too much in preparation for the final detonation of the evening.

Mark’s breathing stopped, his cock surged and grew, and then, it was time.

Hot streams of cum were blasted deep inside the poor little girl’s mouth. Shot after shot after shot, Mandy could barely hold it in. Cum dripped down from her mouth to the floor as the shooting ended.

Eyes tearing, mouth full, a desperate Mandy searched around for help. Cindy gladly held her friend by the chin and forced her tongue inside the victim’s mouth. They kissed slowly and sensually, sharing the tasty meal.

Mandy’s clothes were ruined; soaked in different love juices. Both casualties spent the rest of the night inside Cindy’s car. They took a long nap, still hearing distant bangs coming from the club.

A gentle tap on the window woke the girls up. It was Mark. Cindy rolled down her window. Mark pulled up the lock cylinder and opened the door. He squeezed an overinflated clear balloon through the door and kissed Cindy on the cheek. He blew Mandy a kiss and thanked them, before leaving. Cindy noticed some markings over her balloon, she rotated it until she saw a big red heart drawn on her balloon.

The balloon still sandwiched between the brunette and the steering wheel, a sobered-up Cindy reached for her keys, before driving into the beaming sun.
And I ask myself, why? and all I hear is the cold, dead silence of the cosmos.
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