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Old 20-05-2021, 06:34 PM
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Default Getting more out of my balloons as a non-popper
Hey everyone,
as the title states, i need some sort of help/advice to get more out of my balloons, i'm aware it's gonna be a bit of a strange post for many and i apologize for that.

Long story short, i have a terrible hard time getting balloons to their rated size so i end up always with underinflated ones that partially satisfy me and the joke here is that I do like and use mostly fairly large balloons whenever I get the chance to get something blown up.

After trying to reflect on it, I somewhat concluded that not having control on the balloon being inflated makes me worry it's gonna pop any moment. I use an electrical pump, the thing is noisy which i don't really like and i think throws me off during inflations. I've looked into two-way hand pumps but they are rather large and i have no place to stash it since i don't live alone.

If any of you has any sort of tips or suggestion feel free to throw them in here.
While we're at it, if you have a suggestion for a not-so noisy pump, or just a better pump, that handles large balloons (stuff like a GL1200) feel free to toss it in as well. For context, i use an Intex Quick Fill pump that was meant for inflatables bed, mattresses and that sort of stuff.
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Old 21-05-2021, 09:41 PM
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Default Re: Getting more out of my balloons as a non-popper

Here is a link to whom I would consider the best balloon inflator I have

This lady also gets balloons to the max without popping.

For me pre- inflating below the rated size a couple of times before full inflation either by mouth or with a pump helps to prevent premature bursts.

Cheers and happy inflating
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Old 13-06-2021, 07:12 PM
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Default Re: Getting more out of my balloons as a non-popper
I am a semi-popper myself. I mean I'm not trying to pop 'em but sometimes accidents just happen. Like one time I accidentally popped a 24" belbal and 19" not sure what kind of balloon that was, but the main reason why that happend was probably because those were some old balloons which were inflated multiple of times before and had been bounced on also. The latex tends wear out cause of the moisture in breath.

But today I had amazing time looning during the evening.
I blew up a lime-shaped mattress that I bought earlier during the day and just made sure that there is no way I could fit any more air into it. I bite the valve and just forced everything out of my lungs into the floatie and it got super tight. Then I took a 24" belbal with a print "Just Married" on it and inflated it a couple of times to get it nice and stretchy for riding and bouncing. Then last time before sitting on it I blew it pretty big and just let the air out 'til it was nice and soft. I sat on the balloon and just felt it spread under me. Then I did what I think is one of my favourite things to do with a bigger balloon which is stretching over to the neck and inflating the balloon while sitting on it. It feels amazing when the balloon keeps on getting bigger under me and almost lifts me of the ground. That was one of my best riding experiences ever. In feeling so happy right now. The tight floatie against my knees and the soft 24" balloon under me.
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Old 18-06-2021, 09:45 PM
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Default Re: Getting more out of my balloons as a non-popper
I pre-inflate the neck, then use a pump to get my balloons--especially the large ones--started. I stop short of full inflation and feel the balloon. If it is soft, I inflate a bit more. Check again. I'll throw in a good push on the balloon, which stretches out the drip point and the neck. When it seems well inflated, I'll pull the balloon off the inflator and finish by mouth. Blowing the last bit up by mouth gives me more control. All the time I am checking to see how hard the balloon has gotten. When the balloon feels tight, you are at or close to the maximum inflation.

I will deflate that balloon after some time and repeat the inflation process to get an even bigger balloon on the next inflation. I rarely have surprise pops.

And keep using good quality balloons.
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Old 24-08-2021, 05:40 PM
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Default Re: Getting more out of my balloons as a non-popper
I use a long hose and pump, and blow the balloons up in another room with the door closed. I wear ear plugs and muffs. I have a baby monitor camera set up in the other room that I watch the balloon while I pump so that I can see when the balloon reaches desired size. Then, I let the balloon sit for a bit in case it decides to pop spontaneously after I'm done inflating it. Once I'm satisfied that balloon isn't going to pop I go into the room and tie it off. I count the number of pumps so I have an idea of how much each type of balloon takes to reach desired size and shape.
I get good exercise from it, too. A 36" to full size with a slight neck takes about 50 pumps. A punchball typically takes 13 pumps. A GL-900 takes over a hundred.
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Old 25-08-2021, 03:47 AM
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Default Re: Getting more out of my balloons as a non-popper
Originally Posted by PBK View Post
I use a long hose and pump, and blow the balloons up in another room with the door closed.
This is pretty much my method as well if I'm really trying to push balloons' limits I can still remember one crystal clear 16" Unique that I accidentally got MASSIVE doing this, and was able to actually tie it and it stayed in one piece!
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