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Post War Room
War Room

Deviantart Link: War Room

Synopsis: During a love making session, Joya recalls an event that happened a week prior where she and her friends had to discard 2 giant boxes filled with uninflated balloons of all sizes and brands. Instead of throwing them directly in the bin, Joya’s friends decided to take advantage of the echoey room to produce some pretty loud noises.

Author’s note: I initially wanted to make this story sexual and have the women engage in sexual activities involving the balloons, but then I thought it would be a really tiring task since I’m working with a lot of characters. I decided it would be better to make this an innocent and cute short story.

Joya held the shredded mouthpiece of a 12 inch balloon between her fingers, watching the latex rain on her partner. After their ears stopped ringing, David had to ask:
"Where did that come from? 2 weeks ago and you couldn't even blow it up tightly".

David had a business trip the past week and couldn't see his girlfriend. He had told her about his fetish and introduced it to her slowly. 2 months ago, she blew a small regular balloon for him while he caressed and complimented her. She felt special and loved, even while doing something as mundane, or weird, as blowing a balloon. After a while, she started blowing balloons seductively, then naked, then bigger balloons. David made sure to make the process simple, smooth, slow, and most importantly, he made sure that the subject of desire was his girlfriend doing the blowing, and not the balloon being blown up. The night before David's trip, Joya surprised him by having a blowing session; she blew up an entire 24 pack of 12 inch balloons, which she considered pretty big at the time, to her comfortable size and then indulged in her favorite activity, blowing David himself. Now that he was finally back home, the first thing they did was love.

"Well, I've been practicing" Joya said, as she reached for the clipped shut, necked 24 inch white balloon that was lying next to her.

Joya and David both adored balloons that were tightly inflated yet not tied for different yet similar reasons. The view of the fat and flat neck that is clipped shut was too inviting, too delicious, and too tempting for both. Joya simply enjoyed having a tight balloon pushing against her mouth, which went pretty well with her blowjob fetish. David considered himself the luckiest man alive, having a partner that craved putting both tight, ready to burst balloons and his tight, ready to burst cock in her mouth. Joya removed the clip and opened her mouth, getting the fat uninflated pressure free neck between her lips. As soon as she released the pressure from the neck, she closed her eyes and enjoyed her moment, as the balloon was suddenly applying a colossal pressure inside her mouth. The feeling of having something so huge and so ready to burst inside her was ecstatic. Joya’s fetish went hand in hand with David’s balloon fetish, and she enjoyed every bit of it.

“Mind telling me what you did during my absence? Seems like you enjoyed yourself quite a lot.” Asked David, his eyes glued to the clear balloon plugged to Joya’s mouth. After 3 long and slow puffs, Joya gently removed the now lipstick covered white balloon away from her lips and clipped it shut. The neck was slippery, wet, and had a red imprint of Joya’s lips.

“well, remember the party at the school?”


Both David and Joya were invited to the annual party where everyone that graduated from their hometown school would meet up and have a good time. Usually, it was a pretty big deal, since people from all around the country who graduated from this school were invited along with important Djs from around the world. The hometown would go all out in decorations and events following the party. One of which was a museum like event, showing different students from different times and their work. During the party, they would host a gigantic balloon drop inside the building, with thousands upon thousands of balloons raining from the ceiling. Every corner would be decorated with balloon arches, giant helium balloons attached to strings were usually hanged at the dance floor. For such a boring town, this event quickly became a classic and everyone would impatiently wait for it as everything was over the top, even the mayor encouraged and helped finance the event.

Not this time though…

“well, things went downhill pretty fast. Since the new mayor got elected, he didn’t agree to have the usual decorating company do their job, so the school and the mayor got into a disagreement, and both ordered their own company for decoration. Both blamed each other for over spending and as everyone was gathered to start the night, no Djs came, the catering services refused to come as the mayor offered no down payment, and then after a long silent hour of nothing, the school announced that the event was cancelled. Everyone was enraged, people said the mayor was trying to make money out of the event but failed. Well, as everyone was leaving, Sarah and I went to Mr. Brown’s office, asking him what the hell had happened. He told us not to worry, that next year, the mayor won’t be financing the event anymore and that the school would have full authority again. We left the office and met Katia”

“Oh, is she still teaching math? How was she?”

“she’s fine, she’s now the dean of math school, or something like that. Well anyways, she needed help with something, as both decoration companies received their full payments, but couldn’t proceed with their job, they left their supplies at the school. Two giant boxes filled with balloons of all sizes and brands, and we had to take care of them. No one offered to take the boxes, so we just thought we could have some fun. We were in Ts2 by the way, our old class.”

“who was with you?”

“well it was me, Lucy, Katia, Stacey, Lina and Sarah. Oh, there was a box also filled with strings and plastic white valves too.”

“what did you guys do?”


~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 week ago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[Optional read]

Character description:

Since there are 6 women in the room interacting with each other, it would be better to give a brief description of each’s character to help differentiate them.

Lucy: 21, shy, very phobic of balloons, would like to overcome her fear. Trusts her friends and is very courageous.

Joya: 22, jumpy at balloons bursting, not too scared, just a little, doesn’t like to admit it. Enjoys blowing balloons a lot.

Katia: 35, math teacher and event manager, responsible, always cleans up after events. Has lots of experience with balloons, treats them roughly and professionally, very mature.

Stacey: 22, party girl, likes to explode balloons and get drunk. Likes to tease and have fun. Can be perceived sometimes as evil or mean, but always apologizes.

Lina: 21, extremely shy and fearless, really likes balloons and prefers not to pop them, even though she treats them very roughly. She likes their colors and likes having them around and playing with them, but is sometimes a little careless and pops them accidently.

Sarah: 21, is into girls, indifferent to balloons, but sometimes likes to pop them and see other girls inflating them.

“What are we going to do with all of these balloons?” inquired Katia.

“well, we can have our own party here, and it would be a great time for Joya and Lucy to overcome their fears.” Remarked Stacey.

“What? I’m not afraid of balloons.” Said Joya

“You’re afraid of them bursting, don’t think I didn’t notice that last year!”

“Oh there were hundreds exploding all around me! Of course I was going to cover my ears!”

“You were also jumping and scared, anyways, now would be a great time for you to get used to popping balloons, maybe next year you’ll join in on the fun instead of cowering away.” Teased Stacey.

“Oh just shut up! I’ve popped tons of balloons in my life, I can pop them easily, it’s just that when you’re around a sea of tight balloons getting popped all around you, it can get overwhelming.”

“Yeah well we have enough balloons and sharp fingernails to emulate just that. Now let’s blow some of these up, see how big we can get them”

Lucy took out her earmuffs which Stacey didn’t like. She gripped Lucy’s arm, preventing her from covering her ears with them.

“Hey, you’re supposed to overcome your fear, don’t wear that, you won’t need it.”

“But I can’t without them! Even with them I don’t even know if I can do this”

“you can stand back and watch at first if you want, but wearing these defeats the purpose”

“Let her have them Stacey, we’ll do this step by step. Wear them Lucy, and if there is anything that can make you comfortable around balloons, do it.” Said Katia.

“So we’re just going to inflate them all and then explode them? Oh! Look at how pretty these are!” Said Lina, taking out a few big balloons from the box.

“I mean, isn’t that the purpose of balloons in general? We’re just hasting the process.” Said Sarah.

“well, we can’t make anything explode yet until we start inflating some. Here…”

Katia handed each girl a 16 inch balloon, all pink.

They all started inflating them, except Lucy, who was just watching her friends anxiously. Katia and Lina kept going until a modest neck appeared, while Sarah, Stacey and Joya stopped at rated size. Katia placed a big pile of pink 16 inchers on the table.

“Keep blowing these up, lets fill up the floor, and try to make them bigger, like this.” Said Katia, showing them her necked and tight balloon. “We don’t want anyone to accidently slip on them.”

“What do you mean?” Asked Lucy, her deflated balloon between her lips.

Katia moved a rated size balloon towards Lucy using the flat part of her high heels, before pressing down on it gently. The balloon deformed and squeezed under the pressure.

“See? If you step on a balloon, we don’t want that to happen, or you’ll trip and fall easily, especially when you’re about to fill an entire floor with them. Instead, you should blow them up until they get this big.” Katia pushed the overinflated balloon she blew previously using her pointy heel and got it closer to Lucy.

“So when you accidently step on it, it bursts.”

“Ok ok don’t pop it please!”

“I won’t, don’t worry.”

“I don’t think I can make it this big though.”

“It’s fine, blow it to a size you’re comfortable with.”

“You’re going way too easy on her Katia.” Said Stacey.

“Just leave Lucy to me, I’ll take care of her. I know what I’m doing, and she’s being very brave right now.”

The girls spent the next hour filling the entire floor with high quality overinflated balloons.

Lucy was now more confident at blowing these particularly sturdy balloons and was starting to give them a fair neck. She was giving her balloon the last puff of air until a balloon spontaneously exploded on the floor suddenly, followed by a myriad of girlish screams. It sent pink shrapnel everywhere, and made Lucy’s balloon escape her mouth as she screamed and covered her already covered ears with her hands. Lucy’s balloon flew across the room showering the girls with her saliva, until it finally landed on the box next to Katia, which was filled with the plastic stuff.

“Damn that was loud!” said Stacey.

“Now I’m jealous of Lucy, should have brought my own earmuffs if I knew they were going to go off like that!” exclaimed Sarah.

“I’m starting to regret all of this.” Said Joya looking at all the overinflated balloons around her.

“Oh come on now, it wasn’t too bad!” Said Lina, before giving her overinflated balloon a big breath, which made the neck push tightly against her lips.

“Enough! You’ll make it explode!” Said Sarah.

“But look at how pretty it is!” exclaimed Lina.

“It won’t be pretty when it leaves your mouth with a bang!” Said Sarah.

Katia rushed next to Lucy in order to check on her.

“Are you alright sweetheart? How do you feel?

“I, I don’t know, I’m fine, But it was too loud.”

“I know, just calm down. You’ll get used to it.”

Katia picked up Lucy’s balloon and grabbed a one way valve.

“Here, this is a one way valve, we have tons of them, Just attach the balloon to it like this and blow it up normally, the balloon won’t deflate this way, even if it escapes your pretty mouth.

“Hey, look at how big this one is!” said Lina holding a rather big chunk of latex.

“That’s an Olympic 45 inch. A pretty big balloon, very beautiful too!” Said Katia, inspecting it.

“It can’t fit in my mouth though, too big. I also don’t think it can fit these valves.”

“Here, I found a bigger valve, it has a big opening, for the balloon I assume, and the other end is just as small as that of the smaller ones, to fit our mouths I guess, cool stuff!” said Sarah.

Lina attached the big balloon to the valve and took the plastic in her mouth, blowing deeply into it.

“Hmm I have an idea, let’s take turns blowing up this giant thing and the one giving it the last breath before it explodes wins.” Suggested Stacey.

Joya walked over to Lina and placed her hands on the big latex, feeling it expand, “What? you want us to burst… THAT thing?!”

“I think we need to warm up first, plus Lucy won’t be too fond of this activity… yet.” Said Katia.

Stacey snatched the balloon out of Lina’s pretty mouth, “I told you you’re such a chicken Joya, we’ll do it no hands too. It’s gonna be funny.”

“Hey hey what do you mean by warm up?” asked an anxious Lucy.

Stacey placed the valve in her own mouth and started blowing into it, hands free.

“I meant we need to first pop some of these so we can get used to the noise, it won’t be so bad, I’ll be with you, we can be as far as you’d like.” Said Katia, placing a hand on Lucy’s right shoulder.

“Ah finally, let’s get popping!” Said an enthusiastic Stacey, grabbing the nearest overinflated balloon. She looked at Lucy:

“Uh.. I want to pop this one.”

Lucy quickly walked away to the farthest corner of the room, putting her hands around her ears, pushing tightly against her muffs.

“Ready?” said a smiling Stacey, making sure everyone was comfortable.

Joya and Sarah took several steps back, wincing.

Lina and Katia didn’t really care so much for the upcoming audible calamity. Lina placed back the Olympic 45 on the table for later while Katia was attaching valves to what looked like 24 inchers.

Stacey dug her nails on the balloon’s skin, which started to squeaaaak loudly before detonating suddenly and violently, messing up her hair.

Stacey stood frozen in her place, covered with latex confetti. She wiggled her hair, making smaller latex bits fall to the ground and then asked:

“Who’s next?”

“Well, we’re gonna burst them sooner or later right?” Said Sarah, raising a leg.

She placed her heel on a pink balloon, and slowly started pushing down.

Joya winced and stepped back. Katia glanced at Lucy, giving her a questionable thumbs up. Lucy returned the thumbs up, which gave Sarah the clear. The pink balloon exploded, as the sharp pointy heel ruptured and severed the balloon to pieces.

“I’m starting to like it!” exclaimed Sarah, as she placed her leg on another latex bomb. As soon as the pointy heel and the latex made contact, the balloon disappeared with a sudden sharp, high pitch bang which took Sarah by surprise.

“Ohh-well… Nobody’s tripping on those that’s for sure.” Said a laughing Sarah.

At first, it was only Stacy and Sarah bursting the balloons, mostly with their heels and nails. Then Joya eventually joined them, reluctantly at first, but then got used to them exploding loudly around her. She was okay with them bursting on the floor, but she still winced and stepped back when one of the girls picked one up to test her nails with.

The floor, at first, was a nation filled with peaceful spheres and globes, surrounded by pointy and sharp stiletto heels. The locals were no match for those weapons of mass destruction, and soon, the nation went completely extinct. As expected, the floor was completely littered with latex remains, but the most gruesome view, was that of Stacey and Sarah, who were completely soaked in blood. They were both completely showered in pink latex, from hair to heel, tiny bits of latex were stuck everywhere on their bodies.

Meanwhile, Katia had prepared a game with the help of Lina and some clear 24 inch balloons attached to valves. The game was simple, blowing them up till they explode. Joya didn’t want to participate, but group pressure overturned her decision. It took a while before any of these balloons reached their rated size, but eventually, the balloon expert Katia and the brave Stacey were fighting for first place, while happy Lina and careful Sarah still had a long way to go. Joya, on the other hand, was lagging quite far behind, with her balloon not reaching rated size yet. Eventually, Katia’s balloon started squeaking on its own which caught everyone by surprise, even making Katia laugh before it went off like a canon, showering Joya, sitting right in front of Katia with clear latex. Katia was left only with her lipstick imprinted valve, which she delicately placed back on the table. Stacey’s balloon followed and detonated with a sharp whiplash, leaving the poor girl out of breath. Lina completely forgot about the rules of the game and just wondered around holding her majestic, not so clear due to her breath, balloon still attached to its valve, giving it a cute small puff every now and then. Sarah and Joya were struggling, as both were very scared of detonating their bombs with their lips. Sarah was still blowing, her eyes closed and holding her palm defensively in front of her, while Joya was completely helpless, her balloon having a small neck and not daring to give it any puffs or blows. Katia just had to intervene and offered Joya a blindfold. Joya thought it would be even harder since the anticipation would simply stay at its peak, at all times. Katia, though, had other plans. They waited until Sarah’s balloon finally gave up and died a painfully loud death, then Katia simply took Joya’s balloon and blew into it, before giving it back to a blindfolded Joya.

“This is even scarier! How on earth is this going to make me blow into it?” Said Joya, holding the valve away from her.

Katia simply took the balloon back and gave it another long, painfully slow breath, making neck properly form, before giving it back to Joya.

“I’m not blowing into it!” Said Joya with a shaky voice.

Katia, simply put, just knew. Everyone saw her nurturing side with Lucy, but nobody expected to see her wicked side.

After a good 5 seconds of everyone staring at Joya refusing place the now lipstick covered valve inside her mouth, Katia very gently took the balloon back, and gave it another long, slow breath, making the neck creep towards the valve.

Joya’s brain clicked. The balloon was going to go off anyway, it was doomed to burst, expected by everyone to explode and shower her with clear remains. The sudden loud noise was bound to happen. If anything, it already happened, time was just postponing it. As Joya’s mind explored various theories involving relativity and time, she felt her fingers glide over a sloppy valve. Katia was done blowing and now was Joya’s time to blow. Not a word this time, as she brought the valve closer to her face and met the opening of the plastic with her tongue, before accepting it with closed lips.

The balloon was done for, it had no space left to grow, only little time to blow.


Silence. And then applaud from all the girls as Joya accomplished what she never thought she would. Even Lucy cheered for her. Joya removed her blindfold.

“Good job Joya.” Said Katia with a wink.

“Now let’s do the Olympic one!” Said Stacey, grabbing it from the table.

The girls got ready and started giving each a single blow into the balloon, using the now messy valve. Eventually, Lucy came back and watched them blowing up the giant latex.

“Look who’s back!” said Stacey.

Lina got a bunch of pink balloons that were used earlier and started blowing some up. Each time it was her turn to blow into the Olympic balloon, she pinched the pink balloon close and gave the monster its next meal, making it bigger. A modest pile of seriously overinflated balloons was starting to form, and soon, everyone including Lucy was blowing up pink balloons while passing the monster. Katia offered the giant monster to Lucy.
“Don’t act like its gonna burst on your turn, we've been blowing into this monster for ages now.” Said Stacey.
“Just take it in your mouth and blow.” Reassured Katia

Wooooooooooooo ooo oooo osh

“That’s it you're very brave!”
The girls kept blowing into the balloon, letting Lucy have her share every now and then.

Eventually, the balloon became rock hard and developed a giant neck, hinting for its booming doom. Katia just knew when the right moment came and, being a balloon expert herself, simply and calmly blew into the balloon to the point of no return. Simply trying to remove the valve would make it explode, and so, she offered it, smiling, to a happy and oblivious Lucy. The balloon’ size was bigger than Lucy, the monster completely blocked her line of sight, and so, Katia looked at Joya and Sarah, motioning for them to put their fingers, very tightly, deeply inside of their ears. Nobody questioned Katia around balloons, and so, Lucy held the valve with her teeth, trying to put her dangerously overinflated pink balloon between her legs. She grabbed the 45 incher with both her palms and closed her lips firm on the multicolored sloppy valve. The valve was effortlessly gliding and sliding between Lucy’s small lips, so she made sure to grasp it firmly using her lips and to push the balloon with her palms towards her lips, making the valve slide inwards, before wooshing a lungful into it.


The balloon completely blew up, exploded and literally wiped itself from existence, only to be replaced by a cloud of breath.

Lucy screamed in sheer terror and everyone else laughed their ass off. The balloon wasn’t that loud, in fact, it wasn’t anywhere near as loud as the pink ones. Lucy started to laugh as well.

“Well, look who’s the winner, the ultimate balloon destroyer, Lucy!” Said a sarcastic Stacey.

The girls then sat up and realized it was getting pretty late, and so, they needed to clean up the room and get going.

Katia was cleaning the floor with a broom while Stacey, Joya and Sarah were making short work of the pink balloons scattered around. Lucy frowned with each bang.

“Here, pop one.” Said Stacey, offering a pink balloon to Lucy.

“I don’t want to.”

“I thought you were no longer scared.”

“yeah, but it’s still annoying, I don’t have to pop them you know.”

“We’ll see about that, next year’s balloon drop will speak for itself, but you should know, no earmuffs and no running away next time”

Lucy looks anxiously at Stacey. Katia intervenes:

“Don’t worry Lucy, we’ll continue to practice until then.”

Lina was closing the boxes before interjecting:

“Poor balloons getting absolutely destroyed because of you Lucy.”

Sarah, who just finished bursting a pink balloon with her nails added:

“That’s a powerful woman if I ever saw one”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~present day~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Holy…. Shhh—shit, I www ARghh wish I was there‼” groaned and moaned David, as he orgasmed deep inside Joya’s mouth.
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Amazing story, thx man.
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