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Default Pump me until i burst
Tonight something happened that was so amazing i have to tell you lets start from the beginning.
I was driving from work i just remembered that i was running low on loons and i noticed a party supply shop having a grand opening i figure why not i parked up then entered.
The first thing i noticed was the dominating smell of latex in the store they're were other smells there but the smell of freshly opened and inflated balloons filled the air.
As i wonder the isle's the smell intensifies as i wonder towards to the back of the surprising large store i hear the hissing of helium rushing into a loon and as i turn the corner i see where the noise was emanating from.
There stood a kiosk for lack of a better word the casher serving a customer and towering behind her was the wall of balloons that seemed to go from floor to ceiling from what i can see it seemed to have every balloon from every manufacture and some i don't recognize.
While i was mesmerized by what i was seeing i didn't notice the casher was calling me.
Sir? Sir? SIR?! she shouted finally breaking me out of my trance as i looked the sight of her was jarring going from the most beautiful sight i have ever seen to a sight of someone who has seen better days.
She looked like she's been chewed up and spat out she looked like she's been working for multiple days straight,bags under her eyes the works.
She stares at me like she's trying to read my mind or something she finally speaks:Ahh i know your type. She says with the voice of someone in their early thirty's juxtaposed with her looking like she's in her late forty's early fifty's.
She continues: Not exactly the weirdest but not exactly something to bring up at a family function i saw it in your eyes as well as you drooling on the floor.
As i'm about to speak she interrupts: I know what you're looking for.
I look at her with doubt You like loons on the larger side. she says Non of these tiny 9's or 12's even the 18's and the famous 24' is still too small for you.
As she says this she get's closer and closer with every sentence: You need something big, something to wrap your arms around, something to embrace you fully.
I'm i right? she asks I'm absolutely stunned Yes i reply How did you know?
She laughs a little Kid i've been doing this job for decades lets say i have a knack for figuring out peoples desires.
Ok? i say figuring what she meant by that. While i was processing what she said the casher pulls out a folding ladder from underneath the counter and set's it by the wall, climbs up and proceeds to grab packets of loons from the wall when she's got about a arm full she climbs down and set's them on the counter and lists them off.
Ok we got two pack's of Gl900's,two pack's of c47"s, a pack of Gl1200's when you bring that special someone over and a pack of c59' doll's anything else oh wait one moment. She says as she head through a door beside the kiosk i hear some noises emitting from the backroom sounding like boxes being moved and the pops of bubble wrap.
She returns from the backroom with a small plastic bag and adds it to the list of items: And one Totex 350. Is this what you wanted? She politely asks.
I respond: Yes this more than i ever expected thank you how much is this gonna cost me? Before we tally all this up may i suggest something? She asks
Sure. i reply. I'll be right back. she says as she disappears into the backroom again some more rustling of boxes later she returns with a packet it has one balloon in it.
I get a better look at it when she set's it on the counter it's white with a odd shape it looks to be a 16" but with a very long neck i look up at her confused as i'm about to ask her what is this she answers first.
I know it looks quite small for your tastes but once you fill it and feel it you'll understand besides it free. She says with a wink and smile. i add it to my order and pay.
I return home with my spoils, have dinner and shower before heading to bed with my loons. While i was placing them into storage i see the one the casher suggested and decide to play with it before going to sleep. As i was about to tear open it's packaging i see a label on the back i can't quite read it at first so after putting on my glasses i realized it was instructions all it depicted pumping up the loon with one of those little hand pumps and not to inflate it by mouth?
Determined i tear open the packaging and the waft of latex erupting out of the bag was intoxicating as i grab the loon it felt similar to the latex of a condom mixed with the latex of a weather balloon it's strange.
I place the lips of the loon against mine took a breath in and blew the loon didn't budge no matter how hard i blew how i held it seems like nothing i can do to inflate this damned thing and my electric pump bit the dust the other day so i can't use.
That oh well i might as well use it as a condom and have a wank instead. The loon slipped on a little too easy but i figured that all the spit lubed it so i started looking up some artwork and vid's online and started jerking i didn't notice the loon was starting to inflate noticing once it towered above the screen at this point it's about 16" but it's very soft like it's underinflated and continued "pumping" it.
The white loon continued to grow getting larger with every stroke big enough for me to mount it and that's where i realized that thrusting also works as i place my hand's on the quickly expanding loon they sink into it's soft skin.
I begin thrusting harder faster with every thrust i moan quickly filling the loon it's about 40"? 45"? it doesn't matter all that matter right now that it's getting bigger.
It's become so large i can't reach around it anymore as i press my hands into it they sink deep into it's skin as it grows i can feel it pressing against my knees and i yelp almost every time i thrust i can't hold it in any longer i want to cum so bad.
Just as i finish that thought i finally cum coating the insides of the loon catching me as i collapse onto it my penis still rock hard as i gather myself together i noticed that the loon was still growing.
I can feel it stretching i hear a soft hiss coming from inside i'm now stuck on top of it and sinking into it it feels so good pressing against my penis, my testies ,my whole body i want more i'm crying out begging for more as it presses my against the ceiling the hissing is getting louder it's skin is getting tighter squeezing me more and more and more until both of us can't take it anymore both of us burst.
Latex and cum shower the bed as i fall onto it completely drained drenched in sweat my last thought before falling asleep is i need more.


Authors message
If you find any misspelling's of grammar mistakes please message me thank you and thanks for reading.
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