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Default The Tengu's Love Affair
I sink in my chair, deflated from my Senpai’s teasing. She laughs heartily, pushing me lightly on the shoulder.

“Who was it this time, lover boy?” Aya Shameimaru giggles to herself, before pausing to take a sip of her tea. She looks on expectantly, pulling out her notepad and pen.

I look at her incredulously, “I’m not telling you that!” I say, and the crow tengu just laughs. Her face contorts into a sly smirk, as she raps her fingers on the table.

“How about this, then?” She says, flipping her notes closed and slipping it back into her pocket. “I’ll tell you your fortune, and you tell me who rejected you.” She smiles expectantly, looking right into my eyes.

I stir, finding myself trapped. The black haired girls smile fades slowly, I finally give into the pressure. “Fine! It was Sekibanki, okay? You know the one, in the cape?”

Aya’s laughter begins anew, her long nails clacking against the wooden table. “Well, here’s your fortune. When you go home tonight, the one who loves you will be waiting at your door.” She blushes, covering her face with an old newspaper.

I take my turn to laugh, chuckling both at the girl’s embarrassment and at the very suggestion that a girl would wait at my door. Aya emits a low grow, throwing a pen at me, which I catch and set back on the table. The clock strikes five, the chiming bells echoing throughout the village.

“Good work today.” The tengu stammers, sliding out of her chair and dropping the paper back on the table, leaving without another word. I gather my things and leave the headquarters of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, locking the door behind me. I follow the river dissecting the town, wondering just how true Aya’s fortune telling could be.

I finally arrive at my home a few minutes later, pulling my keys out of my pocket. Unsurprisingly, no one waits at the door. I sigh, letting the lock open with a quiet click.


I feel two small hands on my shoulders, dragging me down. I flinch, turning around to see a black haired crow tengu smiling at me. I awkwardly smile back, before the girl invites herself in, having ditched her usual reporter’s uniform for a simple grey jumper and black pleated skirt. Her pointed ears flow outward from her short hair, red eyes twinkling as she winks at me. “Cat got your tongue? C’mon, you don’t have to stare~.” She teases, swaying her hips to swish her skirt.

I slowly follow her inside, watching as she sits herself down at my makeshift dinner table. “What did you want for dinner?” I manage to say, walking to the fridge to pour her a drink.

She thinks for a moment, “Lamprey Eel!”, she shouts. I shrug, and start to prepare dinner, humming to myself. Concentrating on dinner, I fail to realise that the tengu has left the table, off to explore the house.

Within the hour, dinner is served, laughs had and beers drunk. I sweep up the plates and place them in the sink, quickly rinsing the oil and sauce on the plate so that I can clean them later. The kettle whistles loudly. I walk back into the living room, cups of tea in hand. As I slide open the door, dozens of colourful orbs meet my eyes. My grip on the cups weakens as I stare confused at the scene in front of me. Aya walks in, holding a green 17” under one arm and a bouquet of polka-dotted 16” in the other. She looks up at me, smiling innocently.

“Surprise!” she says, throwing the balloons up and watching as they fall to the ground. “I wanted to make our first night together special, but I didn’t this this is what you’d be into.” The tengu walks over to a crystal blue 36”, rubbing the surface with her hand, letting her nails catch on the surface. I stare, completely enthralled as her small body sits down atop the toy. Her thighs sink into the underinflated latex, her panties just barely visible.

“How… how did you even get those?” I stammer, my eyes still glued on the heavenly sight in front of me.

Aya’s grin turns into a smirk, before she bursts into laughter again. She picks up a 16”, placing her small foot on top of the pink orb, dragging it over to her. She bends over to pick it up, hugging it with an audible squeak as the neck juts out. “These were in your room, dummy.” she teases, digging her sharp black nails into the latex, causing the balloon to pop loudly, a shard flying up and landing on her nose. “Hope you don’t mind losing them all tonight!” she calls, stomping a small foot down onto an 11” balloon printed with the face of a smiling girl, a cape covering her cheeks.

I shrug, picking up a handful of 16”ers and tossing them towards her in one smooth motion. I pick up another 36”, moving towards the black haired tengu. She deftly catches the flock of balloons, picking out a scarlet red one and letting the others drop to the floor. She waits for me to sit down on the makeshift chair before batting it at my head, letting it bounce off my head with a hollow thud. I give her a playful smile and pick up a dropped crystal 16”, jumping towards her and hugging her, the balloon creaking ominously between us.

“I thought you were quick!” I tease, reaching in for a kiss. She reciprocates, meeting my lips and mumbling something. She slowly opens her mouth slightly, allowing her tongue to slip into my mouth. We moan softly as the latex trapped between our bodies squeak and whine to our movements. Aya slides her hand up my body, tracing a path with her small finger before she reaches the balloon. It creaks even more than before, before she digs her nail into it. A bang echos around the room, as I fall onto her, shards of balloon covering her jumper. Her 36” cracks and creaks loudly at the sudden weight, the neck jutting out slightly at our combined weight. I hastily sit back up, only for Aya to grin slyly and grab me, pinning me to the wall with one hand and grabbing a balloon with the other. She sits right up to my knees as she squishes the balloon with her body, tapping her sharp nails into the shiny surface. Her nails prock the surface, pushing the neck back into the body. With both hands, she pushes down hard, tearing the balloon apart. Her hand continues down as she loses her balance, ending up on my throbbing member.

Her sly grin grows even larger as she gently pushes me to the ground, placing the scarlet balloon behind my head and squatting down, slipping off my belt and sliding my pants off. Another 11” is placed on my crotch, as she jabs her bare foot against its surface. The orb groans, and I moan with it as her foot gyrates against my crotch indirectly. The neck shoots out, the white latex becoming transparent as is stretched far beyond what it had ever been designed for, before the screaming latex bursts, the knot flying off. I moan in pleasure as the pressure is released.

Aya throws off her jumper and skirt, leaving her in her pure white underwear. She returns to her blue balloon, straddling it and lightly bouncing.

“I want to play a game. If I pop my balloon first I get to destroy all of your orbs, and if you win, I’m still popping them all but you get to choose how.” She laughs, as I accept her challenge and mount my own balloon. It groans as I lift my legs up, my entire weight supported by the latex. We bounce quickly, necks snapping out, and latex struggling on the tatami mat floors. Aya winks at me, before jabbing her foot into the neck of my balloon. It squeaks lightly, before she gets in a lucky shot, popping it from under me. I scramble to catch myself before I hit the floor, before I find myself in the arms of the tengu, chuckling in delight. I let myself be carried back to the bedroom, enjoying her soft skin before she drops me, lightly, to the ground.

“Well, you won. What’cha want me to do?” She smiles, already out the door to grab the toys and bring them in. I grab some netting from my closet, the old, tattered material keeping the orbs contained during many of my own previous romps. Once she returns, the tengu doesn’t even need to be asked, her red eyes glinting in excitement as she enters the latex ‘room’. She runs her fingers along the latex, letting the quiet squeaks and creaks echo around the room. Soon, she finds her mount, a clear 16”, slowly riding it as she places her hands on another toy. As she bounces, her nails dig deeper and deeper into the balloon in front of her before – pop! One by one, the balloons disappear as I watch, completely enthralled. Her chest bounces with her, her smooth skin slick with sweat. Her clear mount finally pops on her, the moans and pops coming to a brief intermission as she finds a cherry coloured 18”, her moans growing louder as she rubs her crotch along the neck which she pulls up with one hand, as she licks the knot of a pinned 11”, before biting down on the neck. She rides even faster, orgasming just in time for her mount to pop under her. The black haired tengu breathes quickly, tossing the broken scraps of latex around.

Tired, we go to sleep soon after tossing the scraps into the bin. We hold each other for what seems like the whole night, the crow cradling herself into my body.

The next morning, I feel the empty bed, and sigh. It’d been such a realistic dream, too! I roll out of bed and put on my work clothes, a simple shirt and jeans. I slide open the bedroom door, finding myself stumbling back at the smell of fresh toast and scrambled eggs.

“Oh! You’re awake! Breakfast’s on the table. Just eggs on toast, I can’t cook much else!” I snap to the voice, flinching as Aya carefully flips a piece of bread on the stove.

I walk to the table, taking a bite out of the sandwich. ‘A bit overcooked…’, I think to myself, before my brain reboots. I look back towards the kitchen, to see Aya in one of my old t-shirts.

“Yeah, it wasn’t a dream, dummy!” she calls, chuckling to herself. “Work starts in an hour and I expect you to be on your best behaviour. Nothing about last night while we’re working in case that Hatate hears!”

I nod to myself, biting the sandwich. Ever since arriving in Gensokyo five years ago, I’d never been able to have simple Western meals like this without making them myself – so I savour taste as I would a finely cooked restaurant meal. By the time I’ve finished, Aya has already cooked herself a sandwich, commented on how weird she felt, as a crow eating eggs, wished me goodbye with a quick kiss and left.

By the time I reach the Bunbunmaru headquarters, Aya is already waiting, back in her reporter’s uniform and flipping through interview notes. She blushes when she sees me, snuggling up to me and wrapping her hand in mine. As soon as I get comfortable, she dashes ahead and unlocks the door.

“Why’d you go? I was just starting to get used to it…” I mumble, prompting the girl to turn back towards me, her blush increasing tenfold.

“I left my keys at yours, you idiot! Why didn’t you tell me!” She grumps, before laughing at my shock. “Nah, I’m not mad. Besides, I’ve got something better.”

The crow tengu pulls out something from her pocket, letting the uninflated latex flop onto the table.
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