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Default Non-pop conversion therapy second session
Quick disclaimer i'm slightly retconning the ending because i originally made it as a single short not a series but since everyone's been asking for a part two sure why not.

We rejoin Sera just as she enters her room after being freed from her latex confines.

"I'm gonna kill him, i cannot believe he did this the fucking turd." Sera thought to herself throwing the deflated loon across her bedroom, while drying herself of the sweat thinking of all the ways to get back at him a one thing kept bugging her more than him planting this trap.

"God i hate him for doing that but why.. why.. Why did i enjoy it!?

It makes no sense why out of all things a fucking rubber sack filled with air would make me orgasm like that?"

Sera looks into her bedroom mirror her long brown hair still wet drapes down to her shoulders, she stares deeply into her refection's hazel eyes and asks herself.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" She wonders. "What could have caused me to feel like that? Maybe it's just the feeling of being tied up or the loss of control or something like that?" She asks herself while pacing around in her room.

-I gotta go and see Brooke and talk about this with her.- Sera says as she gets dressed and just as she's about to leave she threatens him as she leaves to go see Brooke.

She heads around back of a fast food place several employees are eating lunches, chatting ect. A tall woman with a blonde ponytail addresses Sera.

-Sera what are you doing here you doing here did you forget something inside?- The blonde woman asked.

-No Brooke i need to have a talk with you in private it's important.- Sera told Brooke quietly.

They head inside the restaurant the place is nearly empty except for a handful of employees cleaning up for the night, They go sit at a small table for two.

-Ok Sera what happened did you get into a fight with your roommate or did you come here to tell the manager to go fuck himself and quit and you need a bit of backup?- Brooke asked.

-No it's something else, it's really hard for me to explain i barely understand it myself.- Sera said blushing slightly.

-Oh it's something like that huh whos the guy?- Brooke asked toughly intrigued.

-No it's not some guy it's... something.- Sera says blushing more and starting to hyperventilate.

-Hey whoh chill uuum.- Brooke get out of the quickly looks around the the restaurant and finds some small uninflated balloons.

-Here Sera these should help you always blow these up when your stressed. - Brooke says as she goes to hand Sera the handful of balloons.

Sera recoils at the sight of them as begins to panic.

-I'm sorry Brooke i got to go.- Sera says as she quickly stands out of her chair the chair sliding across the tile floor with a audible screech as Sera dashes out of the restaurant with Brooke right behind her.

Brooke calls out. -Sera stop what's wrong please, i can't help you if you keep running- Sera slows down and slumps onto a bench hands over her eyes crying.

-I'm sorry Brooke i just snniif i'm having a hard time trying to figure this out and.- Sera says tears pouring out of her eyes, Brooke takes a seat next to her.

-Hey it's ok look whatever happened we'll sort out together.- Brooke says trying her best to comfort her distressed friend.
-Ok i'll tell you what happened.- Sera proceeds to tell her what happened a hour ago.
-Then he turns the pump back on forcing the thing to inflate bigger, it almost swallowed me whole i'm up to my chin in this thing, and that's not even the weirdest part.- Sera explains to Brooke who's unsure if she's having a nervous breakdown and it's all in her head or she's telling the truth and her roommate's trying to kill her.

-Ok and being pulled into a seemly unpoppable ever growing mega balloon while your roommate gloats like a Saturday morning cartoon villain isn't the weirdest part?- Brooke asked confused.
-No the weirdest part was.- Sera pauses to think about what she's about to say her face turning bright red Brooke leans in.

-I enjoyed it.- Sera says unable to believe it herself Brooke sitting there disbelief as well.
-Look Sera we'll head down to the pub we get something to drink and then we'll go to your apartment and beat the crap out of that dickhead alright.-
Brooke says as she stands, Sera grab's her hand. -No don't i've had it coming
i've been a dick to this guy only because he looks like manager dickface.- Sera reveals to Brooke.

-You mean Dickerson- Brooke interjects.
-Yeah like i said dickface- Sera retorts, -For fucks sake i don't even know the guys name and i've living with him for about 2 months now god i feel like such a bitch.- Sera says full of regret, Brooke rests her hand on Sera's shoulder.
-Hey your my bitch come on lets get some drinks my treat and i'll call you in the morning.- Brooke says to Sera as she rises from the bench.
-Thanks but i'll pass i'll be even more mopey than i already am- Sera says as she begins her half an hour walk home.

-Ok then i'll call you in the morning cya.- Brooke shouts to Sera as they both go their separate ways.
Sera arrives home tired from her long day she wonders into her room crashes down onto her bed as she rests her head on her pillow she realizes it doesn't feel right, she picks up the loon she threw earlier in a bundle she prepares to throw it again but stops herself thinking of earlier how she felt when she was stuck in it.

At first fear terrified of suffocating when it pinned her against the roof but the sensation of it later stretching across her naked body, the thoughts are making her flustered and wet.

She strips naked stand in front of her bedroom mirror and in unravels the balloon and spreads it out, it's almost the size of a queen single bedsheet.
"Wow i knew it was big but never expected it to be this big." she thought to herself.

Sera takes the loon and stretches it across her chest she quietly moans as she feels it cling to her c-cups, her belly and her thighs.
She gets back into bed with her latex sheet stretches it over her right breast in one hand and begins to insert her latex covered fingers into her soaked, throbbing vagina.

As she does a wave of pleasure crashes over her, she moans a little louder as she fondles her breast teasing her nipple, stirring her pussy delving deeper in.
The memory's come flooding back the sensation of all that latex stretching, squeezing and teasing her.

"Please more, MORE!" Sera pleads with herself she can feel it coming any second with every squeeze, stretch and rub, biting her lip unable to contain it any longer.

With a tsunami wave of pleasure crashing down upon her she let's out a yell only to quickly cover her mouth to avoid waking her roommate and having to explain what she was doing.

With the loon pressed across her mouth she notices it's beautiful aroma almost smelling of chocolate enhancing her already amazing orgasm, she lays her head onto her pillow and finally gets some rest wrapping herself in her latex lover.

Sera awakes to a very annoying noise, her phone ringing it's Brooke calling and Sera answers.
-Heeey what's up- Sera asked wiping the sleep from her eyes.
-Oh i'm sorry i didn't mean to wake you up it's 9:00am i thought you would been awake.- Brooke apologized.
-No it's fine i need to get up anyway i prefer to not have a stoner morning.- Sera says lifting the balloon, soaked in sweat and gets out of bed.
Sera asks -So what did you call me about?-
-Oh yea you know the uni down the road from you trains in psychotherapy and they're looking for people to be patents help train the students.- Brooke replys.

-Wow thanks Brooke but wait how do you know this?- Sera asks.
-Yeah i met some of students in that class at the pub last night and asked them about it.- Brooke chuckles still a little bit tipsy from last night.
-Sounds like you need the sleep more than me you get some rest now ok and thanks for the tip off- Sera responds while stretching.
-No problem talk to you later bad bitch hehe- Brooke says as she hangs up.

Sera gets dressed and heads for the university after asking around she finds her way to the psychotherapy study's, and requests to be apart of the program as a patent does some paperwork and waits to be called.

The receptionist calls out. -Sera Tilotson?- Sera stands and heads to the desk.
-Yes mam- Sera asked politely.
-We have James Faraday willing to treat you he's in room three- the receptionist says pointing down the hall, Sera thanks her and starts walking down the hall while thinking.
"James Faraday where have i heard that name before?" Well she got her answer very quickly as she opens the door to room three sitting in a decently decorated office behind the desk is her roommate.
-Sera?, what are you doing here?-


Please if you spot any errors or have any suggestions please leave a message thank you for reading.
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